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Paris, 25th December 1997

In 1997 Christmas Day fell on a Thursday; nothing exceptional about that. Except, I was in Paris and it was my first Christmas away from home. The entry in my diary for that day reads ‘Met Senator Edward Kennedy’.

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Zara Nelsova, Cellist

There is something about this painting; vitality? It almost gives you the power to hear the music. ‘Cellist Zara Nelsova performing at the Aspen Music Festival’ was painted by Lucia Tallarico-Lukman, ‘illustrator and portrait artist of classical music’, in 1976.

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Chagall and St. Stephan’s Church, Mainz

Mainz is the largest city and capitol of the State of Rhineland-Palatinate. It is a short train journey from Frankfurt. The city has several claims to fame. It is the birthplace of Johannes Gutenberg (inventor of the movable-type printing press). However, for me it is special because of the link between the Collegiate Church of St. Stephan and the artist Marc Chagall.

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The Big House in Cork

The big house in Ireland has now been accepted as a distinguished element of our heritage despite its emotive historical connections. It was Richard of Clare, Strongbow, who, wishing to assert the Norman dominance, invented the concept and design of the big house during the invasion of Ireland in the latter years of the twelfth century.

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