Gerard F. Kennedy Writer

novella / 2012

Lighthouse Shadow – Synopsis


Berlin’s Oberbaum Bridge has been Stephen’s haunt for almost a decade. It’s where he comes to unwind, to mourn, to dream. On the Oberbaum he’s found by new friends and old. Stephen’s world has acquired an aesthetic quality; it is a work in progress.  Then a young woman appears in a boat.

Petra’s vivacious nature is a foil for Stephenwanderer-above-the-mists-caspar-david-friedrich’s quiet sadness. Their Berlin meeting is not the work of romantic fate that Stephen supposes. It is the final stop on a journey that has taken Petra to ‘The Island’ off the Irish coast, in search of a young man who disappeared without a trace. On her arrival in Berlin, whimsy takes Petra to photograph the bridge where Laurence had last had his picture taken with his two friends.

Berlin is her last ditch attempt to find closure; it is where her mystery finally begins to unravel.

However, it is her journey to ‘The Island’ that proves to be the catalyst.

The boatman eyes her suspiciously.  Petra is befriended by the priest and Patrick, an eccentric poet, known on ‘The Island’ as Uncle Junk.  Both provide solace in their very different ways.  The other islanders are determined to keep their secrets and their ghosts to themselves; except for David, a gentle soul they call the ‘Black Angel’.

Her short stay reveals little; until she is about to leave.

It is the information Petra is given on her departure that persuades her to travel to Berlin.

While on a boat trip along the River Spree she spots a guy standing on the Oberbaum Bridge.


Lighthouse Shadow is the story of Petra’s search for what she carelessly threw away.  ‘The Island’ maybe the key.  She cannot be certain.  It is surrounded by mist just like her search.  But it is her only hope.  By pure chance she receives information and eventually finds what she needs.