Gerard F. Kennedy Writer

poem / 2010

Moments in a Dream

Imagine, if you will
A green tarpaulin sky
An elephant’s tusk has pierced it
To form a gaping eye
Beyond its gaze, a traveller
With wise and golden ware
Gently plodding upwards
Towards his wattled lair.

Crimson trees surround a lake
Of bewildered bees and mice
Carcass lives unfold beneath
An earth of sweetened spice.

A purple beach lies naked
Waiting for the rain
To wash her skin of insects
Giddy and urbane.

A damsel totters towards her beau
On heels of melting ice
He stands erect and furtive
In clouds of musk and spice
As the two draw closer
Her body turns to sleet
Another night diluted
Another lust deplete.