Gerard F. Kennedy Writer

novel / 2016

Peddling to The Moon – Synopsis

Timothy dwells in a world darkened by his blindness; the result of a childhood accident.  He has a poetic sensitivity and is inclined towards private contemplation; when he’s not enjoying the pleasure of attractive female company.  Despite his visual impairment he sees more than others realise.  Nevertheless, he turns a blind eye when his wife, Judith, begins to withdraw her allegiance from the man she thought would save her from her past.  Timothy chooses to believe that all is well.

Classical music is his passion. It provides him with beauty and colour. Timothy tries to share his passion through his teaching.  But his students frustrate him.  And Judith forces him to face the truth.

Clara, the devoted housekeeper, observes events with keen interest.  She naively believes her fervent praying may at last be bearing fruit.

Then Sarah appears.  Sarah is a young woman Timothy meets by chance on a train in Norwich.  They are both returning to London.  Timothy is pleased to be going home.  Sarah is lost in confusion and resentment.  Timothy’s gentle charm intrigues Sarah.

As a new week begins, Sarah’s dream begins to materialise; or is it just her tired imagination?  Lurking in the shadows is Johnny the Goth.  He follows Sarah, hoping for an opportunity to express his feelings for her.  But his attempts are ill-considered.  As the week draws to a close it becomes clear that blindness affects everyone in this story; until they open their eyes.

Peddling to the Moon’ is a story about unrequited love and the grey shadows that mute the colour in our lives. Timothy, the blind piano teacher, can sense their presence; and like all of us, not always willingly.  His mind’s eye is acutely tuned.  In theory he should be in control of his own stability.  But he lives in a world with others.  And change is therefore inevitable.  Timothy survives to see the world in a different light.